From Darkness Into Light.

This award-winning and highly acclaimed film was produced to help people to come to terms with a recent spinal cord injury.

”We all think the film is exceptionally informative and well produced"
Emma Hall
BackUp Trust. 

When a patient is suddenly admitted to hospital with a spinal cord injury, it is also traumatic for their family and friends who may know little of spinal cord injury, the care process, and the problems of long-term prognosis. Understandably, people want answers, “doctor, will he/she walk again?”

This 22 minute film explains the workings of the spinal cord, what may happen when damage occurs, and common clinical terminology. It explains the care process and features patients who provide unique insights from decades of experience.

The film is now widely used across the UK in specialist spinal care centres - such as Stoke Mandeville - and also by major NGOs and charities, such as SIA, BackUp, and SSIT.The film is designed not to replace face-to-face discussion, but to complement it, and enhance case-specific discussions.





”We all think the film is exceptionally informative and well produced" 

Emma Hall - BackUp Trust. 

"What an excellent film, it really is impactful" 

Ruth Wozencroft - Liko UK. 

"I watched the film and thought it was truly inspirational... really wonderful." 

Vicky Shaw, Glenside Hospital. 

"I am sure it will prove invaluable to the newly injured and their loved ones"
Ben Priestly - Lawyer.

"We both think you have produced a truthful representation of the SCI journey, and feel sure new patients, their families and friends will benefit from watching the film."
Glynis Canney - SCI patient.





Still from the Spinal Injury Patient Film


Diagnostics and what to expect

Treatment options and terminology


Rehabilitation at home

Patient Stories


The film is a Glory Film Co. philanthropic initiative. It follows Outreach (The Spinal Unit Film), which inspired the production; many spinal cord injured (SCI) people expressed a need for this type of introductory video for people suffering sudden traumatic injuries.

Audience feedback led to the making of Choosing a Wheelchair, and then a short film series, Disability and The Law.

The film is available free to those who need it, having been made on a not-for-profit basis. All participants are volunteers who donated their time.

The original concept and funding were via Glory Film Co. (Marcus Dillistone) and approved commercial, charitable, and NGO sponsors who helped with out of pocket costs. Sponsors had no editorial control over the film’s content whatsoever. Sponsors’ logos feature in the film’s titles and credits.

Produced, directed and written by

Marcus Dillistone as part of an ongoing programme of philanthropic activities.

The producer would like to thank all of the wonderful people who contributed to this initiative.

The rights and copyright are owned by Glory Film Co.

Running time 22 min.


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